Re: problem with appended selection

  • From: Judith Bron <jbron@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2007 18:04:13 -0500

Thanks Rich, that is what I did but still text was appended to the previous 
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  From: Richard Sherman 
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  I hope the following info is what you are looking for.

  When copying any info you select the info and press control + c to copy that 
info to the clipboard. Then let's say you move to another piece of info and 
highlight it. Then by pressing windows key + c you will append the new info to 
the end of what was already on the clipboard. The only way to stop this is by 
pressing the initial keystrokes of control + c and you will be prompted that 
this new action will over write all info on the clipboard and do you wish to 
continue. Therefore this starts a whole new chain of copying.


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    From: Judith Bron 

    Hi guys, This morning I appended a selection to the clipboard and even when 
jaws asked if I wanted to terminate the appended selection and I pressed enter 
I realized that, when pasted into a document, the appended selection was still 
in effect.  Is there a way to terminate this feature when it is no longer 
required?  Thanks, Judith

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