just sent beta report to FS concerning radio buttons and Firefox

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  • Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2009 07:10:24 -0500

Hi there.

This morning, while paying my electric bill online, I noticed a very strange
thing.  I have already reported this in to FS via the beta report form; but,
I thought it might be of interest for some here to know.

While on the page:


This is the bill payment page for my electric company,
I noticed that radio buttons are not visible to JAWS beta 11.  When I
launched this page in IE8 under JAWS 11, radio buttons are visible.  Also,
when using Firefox version 3.5.2 with JAWS build 10.0.1154, and on that
page, radio buttons are visible.

Naturally, I sent this off via the beta report form.  I post it here because
I'm curious to know if anybody else has testing beta 11 has yet seen this
Also, while on this page, personalized settings cannot be saved while using
the combination of Firefox 3.5.2 and JAWS 11 beta.  However, when I went to
the FS JAWS Headquarters page, I was able to save personalized settings.

This one's a little rough around the edges, but, I sure hope they can put it

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