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hi there,

thanks for responding. i do type about 30/35 wpm according to the pre-set typmatic rate settings. receiving, is much slower. the company that makes the "darci" unit is called westest engineering.

I've not actually purchased any hard/software regarding the tv tuner until i got some usable information about the product. i guess i'm using this list as one form of research and blind user feedback.

oh... am i allowed to attach a word document to an email here? if so, i'll include the user manual and code chart for the u.s.b. darci unit.


Ted Galanos

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At 03:29 PM 2/21/2008, you wrote:

Hi Ted,

Seriously intrigued by the Darci - I used to work with guys who were
doing 40wpm and that was a one-way ticket to the madhouse. Typically the
guys I know in the military were in the mid 20's wpm and that has to be
approaching what I achieve as a 2-fingered typist. Respect.

As to the tuner cards it should be fairly easy to set up a series of
frames to enable JAWs to navigate around the buttons, each frame can be
allocated a keystroke which is active when the tuner is running and then
you'll be away. You may need to get your head around the JAWS cursor if
you aren't already a user to set it up or maybe get some assistance from
a local AT consultant. Scripting may also help but it probably doesn't
need to be that hard. Do you have any examples of the software that I
can link to?

Good luck

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