Re: jfw 8 and symantec antivirus corporate edition v10

  • From: "Cher Bosch" <Cher.Bosch@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 08:46:01 -0500

No, but I had the same experience- and it actually started with whichever JAWS 
7 version was current last summer when I bought my new computer.  I could not 
do anything with Symantec 10 without getting fatal errors.  Made the whole 
computer flaky also.  Got rid of that thing!

>>> "Philip Hall" <phall-eml1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 05/18/07 10:41 PM >>>

Hi. I seem to be having some sort of conflict between jaw 8 and Symantec 
antiviral corporate edition v10.  If I start Symantec and go to the menu 
bar, if I attempt to do a quick scan, a full scan, or select any items in 
the configuration menu, Symantec comes back with a message the it has 
encountered a problem and wants me to either don't send or send an error 
Interesting enough, this also happens if I use freedom box system access, 
but does not happen if I use windoweyes v6.0.
it seems to have a direct relation to which screen reader is active.  by the 
way, the problem also does not occur if no screen reader is active.

I called freedom scientific about it, and they have no idea why this occurs.
anyone have any ideas?


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