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  • Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 21:35:35 -0800

Hey, since you are so helpful, I am very irritated with Norton and wish to not 
renew with them.
Am I making a bad judgement?
Would you recommend another anti-virus program that will work well with JFW 7?
Norton is really annoying.
Jaws seems to struggle greatly with it.
I know what can happen without one.  I was down for 4 months and cost me a 
complete computer.

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  Hi Dave!

  yes, you can change it.  Just go to your Tools, options.  Press Control + Tab 
until you hear Compose Tab.  Then, you can change it.


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  Hey folks!
  I just tried to modify the font in out look express.
  It seems to be set at "Ariel-13".
  I would like to modify the font to Times New Roman as a default setting with 
a size of 12.
  Can this be done?

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