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  • Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 12:01:34 -0000

  List members, and gentlemen of the business community kindly do not label as 
a rant, just understand many of us are coping alone at home, Engineer comes 
from Dell, he discovers the HD on my computer is flawed, he tries to fix it and 
reinstall windows. No luck. this engineer has a blind Uncle who uses Jaws he 
understands its importance. He makes about five calls in all to support 
explaining. They say replace with the hd  in box a western digital also, 
engineer says box is not marked properly to indicate contents, however he goes 
ahead, and discovers the replacement HAD,is no good, it is flawed! outcome is I 
must stay in all day Friday for another dell engineer who will come with yet 
another hard drive, hopefully not flawed .I did ask questions since in the past 
with another computer an engineer put  on a home computer a professional 
replacement, and for weeks I could only use Jaws in demo mode until I found out 
Jaws home will not work on a professional  computer  By that time I had spent 
several hundreds of pounds sterling updating jaws in the vain hope it would 
work  Maybe a sighted person would have spotted it I only remember. talking of 
remembrance, in dreadful weather   we remembered the 11th day of the 11 month 
and puts things like computers into   proper perspective.Dorothy

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