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MessageThanks David,

That certainly makes things clear...  Your explanation is appreciated.

All the best,
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  In both cases when a PDF file comes up with the message "Alert:  Empty 
Document, i.e., when a scanner scans a document directly into a PDF file as 
discussed in the last few messages I've seen today, or when a document is 
created in Adobe and security or protection is switched on, as in the message 
from Mark Arnold below, the file is actually displayed in a graphic form on the 
screen which JFW cannot read.  Two solutions are available:  (1) print the 
document and scan the results on a scanner, or (2) let a scanner program like 
Open Book or Kerzweil convert the document into a readable form.  To me, either 
situation is a pain in the neck (or somewhere else).

  Take care...

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  OK, I am not sure how to explain this but sometimes when individuals create a 
PDF document they can copyright protect it.  I received a document once that my 
children could see on the screen but JAWS would not read.  When I contacted the 
creator of the document, they informed me that it was protected.  They sent me 
another file with the protection removed, and JAWS then read it just fine.  I 
do not know why this occurred but this was my experience.  

  Hope that made sense,
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    has anyone had this message come up in adobe when loading a pdf before? I 
just had a situation where a document loaded, and it said processing page x of 
y, and then said alert empty document. there hhas to have been text there... is 
this a JAWS issue? I am using JAWS 9 and adobe 8. 

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