a big issue regarding jaws and siebel

  • From: "nicol" <nicoljacobus@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Jfw" <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 21:12:44 +0200

HI all
I have a huge battle with the manager and  I t people at my work. I told
them what darryl told me, that jaws can work with siebel in standard
interactivity mode. My manager informed me that   the I t people have tested
jaws with siebel and its not compatible. When we were employed 2 and a half
years ago a blind person who is very good in programming was asked to  make
jaws compatible with  siebel. He was our facilitator at college before we
were employed. He was only given a 40  minute demo of siebel.  With that he
really couldn't do much. They told him that they are afraid he will   get
access to confidential information if he have full access to siebel. But he
told them that he can't make jaws compatible with  siebel with such limited
access. He told them:  If you are serious  about it, let me know and with
that he left them.
At this stage we are doing customer satisfaction surveyhs in the call
center. We are employed at south African revenue services. WE are given a
poor system to do the surveys with.  WE are 5 visually impaired employees.
We are treated like rabbits, given sugar coated carrots, lots of sweet empty
Our job description says that we are inbound call center agents. WE had a
meeting with the general manager of sars who is  above the call center
manager. he made another promise to us. Soon we are going to have a meeting
with the technical people who tested jaws and  siebel and if I don't have
more  information they will overwhelm us with their argument that they have
tested jaws and siebel. Its people who know absolutely  nothing about jaws,
but if we tell this to our manager  she gets crosss with us.When I told her
that we can use jaws with siebel in   standard interactivity, she said: but
what if the rest of the call centre gets affected BY this? What if it
affects their performance if  siebel is changed to standard interactivity?
So could darryl or anyone please give me more info about standard
interactivity mode so that I can pass it on to the technical people at my
Guys, its not my intention to discuss poor employment  for  blind people on
this list.  I just need more information about jaws  and siebel in standard
interactivity. Hopefully if I pass more info on to the people they will
hopefully understand that the wrong people  were appointed to test jaws and

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