I'm very upset with my manager at work. subject line: jaws and siebel

  • From: "nicol" <nicoljacobus@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Jfw" <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 21:12:43 +0200

HI all
This is the most bad I've ever came across. First of all thanks a lot to
darryl  for replying on the jaws and siebel compatibility issue. My manager
at work told me that  she was  informed by the I t department at my
workplace that they have tested jaws with siebel and they  are solidly
determined that jaws is not   compatible with siebel. And the more we tell
our  manager but they don't have   knowledge of jaws, the more she gets
cross with us and persists that they have tested  everything and its not
compatible. We are going to have a meeting with this tech people and then I
need to have information because they are going to overwhelm us with solid
determination that they have already tested  siebel and jaws. So  I want to
be prepared if they again come up with the story that they have tested jaws
with siebel.
So darryl, could you  please give more information regarding the standard
interactivity mode of siebel? I need to  forward the info to my manager, she
is not satisfied with it that I only tell her: run siebel in  standard
interactivity. she comes up with the argument: what if it affects the rest
of the call center.
If they also have to work in standard interactivity it will affect their
performance. Its so bad that I have a manager that doesn't have a clue what
she is talking about. Her  writing skills and management skills  is poor.
Myself along with 4 other visually impaired colleagues is working for sars,
south African revenue or tax services. We are working in their call center.
At this stage we are doing customer satisfaction surveys, I don't know what
the way forward is as they put down their feet that jaws and siebel is not
compatible. But  when we started at sars, a blind guy, he is very good in
programming, he was one  of our facilitators at college, he was originally
appointed to test jaws and siebel.
They only gave him a 40 minute demo of siebel. So then he said: sorry, I
can't test jaws with siebel with this limited access, if you are serious
about it, let me know.
Now they went and asked people who absolutely  know nothing about jaws to
test it.
So at this stage we are treated like  rabbits, we're given sugar coated
carrots; otThe 5 of us as blind people are treated  without dignity. The
system on which we do surveys is faulty. Sorry for blowing off steam here
but I'm so upset with my manager. Anyway darryl  if you could please give me
some more inform ation how to use jaws in standard interactivity its much
appreciated, or any one on the list who can tell me more.

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