Re: WRQ Reflections Terminal Emulator with JAWS 8.0

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I am currently using Windows XP Professional with EXTRA 6.5 and JAWS 8.0.  I 
started using JAWS as of 6.0 and I don't remember how far back my operating 
system went to.

The last laptop upgrade I had, our LAN support team also updated EXTRA to 6.5 
plus some service packs.  I had them take them off immediately.  What ever was 
done to enhance/correct EXTRA, gave JAWS indigestion.  

I was given some scripts from another employee of my company and they work very 
Barbara Anne

Barbara Anne Bolin
The course that's hard, still steers.

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  What operating system do you have on your Pc's when using Extra and 
Reflections.  I had terrible trouble getting Jaws 7.1 to work with Extra 
X-treme under Xp and couldn't get Reflections to work either.  I have had to go 
back to Windows 2000 and Extra 6.7.


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  Hello Steve,
  Thank you so very much for the reply.  This is most comforting.  I currently 
Use EXTRA and the setting changes you describe are simular to what I need to do 
for it.
  The majority of the empoyees in my currentt company use Power Term, which is 
not at all accessible.
  So it is great to know that I am going into an new environment where 
potentialy I will not need 'special" software.

  Thanks for pointing out the info on the Freedom Scientific site.  I have 
never noticed it.  I'll go look  at it.

  If you don't mind, I will tuck your name away for future contact should I 
need to ask some specific questions.

  Barbara Anne

  Barbara Anne Bolin
  The course that's hard, still steers.

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    Hello Barbara,

    I am currently using JFW 8.0.2173U with Reflections 13.0.  I have also used 
previous versions of Jaws with Reflections 10.0 with great success.  You will 
need to make some adjustments to Reflections before JFW will work well with it. 
 You need to set the cursor blink rate to fast.  You will also need to change 
the font to one such as Courier New.  The Freedom Scientific website support 
section has a write-up on the settings needed to make telecommunications 
software such as Reflections work best with JFW.  The only drawback is that 
when sighted people try to read your screen, the font is sometimes too small 
for them to see clearly.

    Hope this helps.

    Steve Parker
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      Subject: WRQ Reflections Terminal Emulator with JAWS 8.0

      Hello List,
      In a few weeks I will be changing jobs from a computer company where I 
use Attachmate's EXTRA to one that uses WRQ Reflection for IBM Version 11.0.
      I would like to hear from others who might be using this product with 
JAWS to learn of it's accessibility, what script files might be necessary, what 
version you are successfully using,  and any other helpful information you can 
      Barbara Anne

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