Re: Using J8 To Install Norton 2007?

  • From: "Cher Bosch" <Cher.Bosch@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2006 10:55:16 -0600

There is a link called evaluation version at


>>> "Paul Hutson" <pjhutson@xxxxxxxxxxx> 12/06/06 10:55 AM >>>

Could you give me a link where I can find "Bitdefender"?
Thanks again, Cher. Paul
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From: Cher Bosch 
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Subject: Re: Using J8 To Install Norton 2007?

I'm using BitDefender 10 and find it very easy to use- with most
functions built into the system tray.  It is a complete security suite
and only costs about $25 per year.  It works very nicely in the
background without constantly nagging you about something.  It is highly
rated and am mentioning it here because I've not seen any mention of it
on this list.  


>>> "Paul Hutson" <pjhutson@xxxxxxxxxxx> 12/05/06 8:20 PM >>>

Thanks Geoff.  I'll keep this info for next year, seeing as ihave
already paid up for this year for Norton.  If Symantic keeps making
there products less accessable then I'll SERIOUSLY consider AVG for next
Again, thanks.
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From: Geoff Connor 
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Subject: Re: Using J8 To Install Norton 2007?

Hi Paul. AVG free is still out there. It has been updated from 7.1 to
7.5. I find it vary Jaws user friendly and if you are interested in
trying it, click on the link below to download the software.
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From: Paul Hutson 
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Sent: Tuesday, December 05, 2006 8:44 AM
Subject: Using J8 To Install Norton 2007?

Hi all.
If this question has been asked before I'm sorry, I've been away from
this list for a while.
Has anybody done this successfully?  I am trying to install Norton
Internet Security 2007 and all goes well until I get to the part after I
restart my machine to complete the installation process.  At that time I
get into the "complete configuration" screen.  In this screen you have
to turn all of the features of N I S on, and from what I can tell there
are NOT the usual check boxes to check to turn these features  on. 
Rather, it seems to be a bunch of some kind of graphic selectors that
Jaws just CAN'T read.  I've tried using the Jaws cursor and routing the
Jaws cursor to the PC cursor and all the other tricks that I've learned
over the years, but to NO avail.  
If anyone has ANY suggestions to help PLEASE, PLEASE let me know as I
have ABSOLUTELY NO sighted assistance available except a VERY EXPENSIVE
service call that just AIN'T gonna happen.  
I've thought about switching to AVG but I understand that AVG is no
longer free and I already paid my $50 bucks for the Norton program.
Thanks in advance for ANY help you can give me.

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