Sticky Bluetooth-Enabled Braille Display Installation

  • From: Kane Brolin <kbrolin65@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindtech <blindtech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, JFW Mailing List <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 12:25:20 -0400

Hi, everyone.  I'm working on an interesting side project: helping a
friend to install a brand-new Baum BrailleConnect 12 on a desktop PC
running Windows Vista.  My two challenges here are that I am still an
XP user, so lack specific knowledge of how to perform technical
operations with Vista; and my friend is deaf-blind, so requires the
use of another Braille display even while installing and testing the
new BC12.  While my friend's jaws 8 does run with speech, he has very
limited ability to understand or process synthesized speech, given his
limited hearing.

We've gotten most of the way through the installation process.  My
friend's primary Braille device has a physical connection to his
computer's communications port--presumably Com1.  His Bluetooth bc12
appears TO be running on Com11 for input and Com12 for output.  We
have successfully paired the computer to the BrailleConnect using
Bluetooth.  But the BC12 still does not come up and start with JAWS
even after we have selected the BC12 as the default Braille display.

Therefore, I have three principal questions:

(a)  Can JAWS operate simultaneously using two Braille displays?  I
know it's possible for a print reader to use simultaneously two
monitors simply by altering Display Options in Control Panel.  But is
a similar dual functionality available for Braille users?

(b)  If it is not, is there a seamless way, using a keyboard shortcut,
to switch between Braille devices without always having to go into
"Synthesizer & Braille Manager" in the JAWS Menus, then unload and
restart JAWS?

(c)  If my friend wants to take the BC12 with him for occasional use
on a friend's laptop, for example, will he need to unpair his BC12
from his primary computer before successfully being able to pair it
with the other machine?  My experience with Bluetooth is limited, and
for this reason I need help in guiding him through the "do"s and
"don't"s of using the same Bluetooth-enabled device on multiple
computers.  Unlike other editions of Baum's BrailleConnect, the BC12
operates only in Bluetooth, not through USB.

My friend does not plan to use his BC12 for everything he does, and
will probably still use his larger Alva serial display as his primary
Braille display at home.  He intends to use the BC12 as a portable
display for use with more than one system.

Thanks for all your guidance.

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