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Hello Londa,

Will you please send the extra step for jaws 9.
Many thanks,

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  Hi Laura,

  The easiest way to do this would be to open the file with JAWS running.  
Press control-A for select all.  Copy to the clipboard.  Then open a file in 
notepad, Word, etc., and paste.  You should get exactly what's in the virtual 
viewer.  This will work with JAWS 7 or 8 or earlier.  If you're using JAWS 9, 
there is one more step you need to do.  Let me know if that's the case.
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    Good Morning,

    I'd like to save a PDF file to text, but I want to save it the way JAWS 
sees it when I choose to open the file and read it "in the order of the raw 
print stream."  Is there a way to do this?  Even when I have the file open like 
that, when I choose to save to text, I get the standard reading order, which is 
incorrect, and presents the text in a seriously garbled fashion.


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