RE: Power Point with jaws anyone?

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well if f s is giving the web semminor you would have to think that their
product would work with power point or how would they give this web event
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Hola lista! Nesesito ayuda!
Hello list, I need help!
I am taking a public education class on my university and they expect
everyone on the class to do a power point presentation. The problem is, I
don't know anything about power point and how to use it with jaws. I tried
the jaws help but they only list the key strokes. FS  has a web seminar, or
something like that, about how to use power point. But guess what? The
seminar cost more than an old man's pension... again! I am willing to give
up the money since power point is a must on most of my classes. However, I
don't know if it will work. Does anyone know of any other, more cheaper,
alternatives? If not, do you know  if the freedomscientific web seminars
work and are worth the huge amount of money they cost?
Yadiel Sotomayor

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