Re: Power Point with jaws anyone?

  • From: Alex Midence <alex.midence@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2010 21:37:29 -0500

Hi, yadiel,

I use Powerpoint every day with Jaws. It's not too bad but, honestly, Jaws is not the best screen reader for the job. If you have to use Jaws, how well powerpoint works for you depends on what version you are running. I use 2007 and there are a few things Jaws will not read. Still and all, you should be able to do a basic presentation and even put in some pictures without too much trouble.

You will want to do the following to prepare for a more seamless experience if you are using 2007:

1. Alt+f to bring down the office menu and arrow down to powerpoint options.
2.  arrow down to the "customize powerpoint" tab and hit tab key.
You are in a place where you can make your own toolbar above the ribbon and put some frequently used commands there. you want to tab to the first combo box and arrow down to all commands. Tab again and look for New Slide. 3. Once you find new slide, you want to tab over and hit add to put it in a shortcut toolbar. From now on, alt 1 will make you a new slide. 4. Tab over and hit OK. You can do this several times as you find other commands you want to find quickly. My toolbar has new slide, delete slide, layout, theme and e-mail as well as hyperlink

to make yourself a basic presentation template at this point, hit alt 1 to take you to the dialog for creating a new slide and select title and content as the layout. Press enter. Now, hit control y several times and you will find that powerpoint redoes what you just did and makes you as many new slides as you hti control y.

Now, you are ready to add your content. On each slide, hit tab and you are in the title bar. Hit f2 and you are in the edit area. Speech can be tricky here with Jaws if you don't have powerpoint maximized. i end up using braille and Jaws to make it do right. Once you are done with your itle for the slide, hit f2 again to take you out of edit and then hit tab to put you on the object whree you can tyupe. f2 takes you into the edit mode and you can type in the ocntents of your slide.

To insert pictures, you can do it from the insert ribbon when you are out of theedit mode and have tabbed to the object. Apparently, changing the layout to picture and caption works best for that though so you don't have to fiddle with it too much.

sorry if this is a bit disjointed. You should, however, be able to get off to a start if you folow my instructions and you shouldn't have too much trouble with Jaws. To read your presentation, use f5 to launch the slide show and hit space bar to change each slide. Don't hit f6 thinking you can read your speaker's notes or the outline pane as some web tutorials may tell youto do. That works in 2003 but not in 2007. I don't know about 2010. Jaws does not read these parts of the application though Window Eyes does. Worse yet, if you talk to a freedom scientific tech support person about it, they will make the blanket, sweeping and unfounded claim that "no screen reader can read this part of Powerpoint because there's allegedly nothing there for them to latch on to." Very frustrating. Anyway, good luck and let me know if you have any further questions. I've gotten fairly good with powerpoint lately.

Saludos cordiales,
Alex M

Yadiel Sotomayor wrote:
Hola lista! Nesesito ayuda!
Hello list, I need help!
I am taking a public education class on my university and they expect everyone on the class to do a power point presentation. The problem is, I don't know anything about power point and how to use it with jaws. I tried the jaws help but they only list the key strokes. FS has a web seminar, or something like that, about how to use power point. But guess what? The seminar cost more than an old man's pension... again! I am willing to give up the money since power point is a must on most of my classes. However, I don't know if it will work. Does anyone know of any other, more cheaper, alternatives? If not, do you know if the freedomscientific web seminars work and are worth the huge amount of money they cost?
Yadiel Sotomayor
yadosotomayor@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:yadosotomayor@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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