Re: PC's without serial ports

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  • Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 21:21:15 -0400

there is a company called that may help you I have a hp4 jet 
scanner that must 15 years old that still works it has arkenstone  in Braille 
on it. well I bought the adapter to convert the skuzzy card to a serial port 
and some software it still works I have to use a power hub to get it to work.
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  Take what I am about to say worth a grain of salt.

  I used to provide support for notebook computers (same principal would apply 
to a desktop).  Many of our computers lacked a serial port, but people with 
older PDAs, that only synched through a serial port would try a USB to Serial 

  The problem with a USB to Serial adapter, in many cases, is that it doesn't 
actually create a serial controller.  Rather, it provides a method for a serial 
signal to reach the computer through the USB bus.

  I say that, to say this.  a PCMCIA, or PCI serial card probably would work, 
as I imagine that it would actually have a serial port controller that would be 
recognized by the computer, as opposed to providing an alternate path for the 
serial data to reach the computer.


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    Subject: PC's without serial ports

    Has anyone had any luck getting the DecExpress to work on a PC without a 
serial port using a PCI adapter?  I tried a serial-USB adapter, but that didn't 
work and am wondering if I should even bother trying a PCI adapter or just get 
an older second-hand PC.  I love the DecExpress and would prefer to continue 
using it as my main synth.  Thank you.

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