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It is alt + n. I just tried it for you on my 2003.



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Try the Alt key with the different letters of the letter Accounts, and see
if one doesn't already activate that puppy.

If I'm not mistaken, I think it is Alt+N, but it has been a while.

Dennis Brown

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Hi Linda,

Will putting a Frame around it help?  

I tried this but although I could get the frame built, I could not actually
get the cursor to move to the frame.  However, I am using JAWS 8.0 on my
home computer.  I haven't taken the time to upgrade yet.


Move the JAWS cursor to the left most position of the word and pres  CTL/ALT
and the left bracket (to the right of the letter P) to mark the frame's
leftmost boundary.

Then move the JAWS cursor to the right most position and press CTL/ALT/Right
Bracket (to the right of the left bracket).


Walk through the Frame prompts.  Give it a key stroke like CTL/ALT/A.

Then when you press Frame Close and Save maybe you can use that key stroke
to move to that area.

Or maybe use the Frames List by pressing JAWS Key+PF9.  This will bring up
the list and you can go to it that way.


Also, do you know how to or know someone who does know how to use the MACRO
tool of Outlook.

This should be "as simple" as turning the Macro recording tool on, jump
through the key strokes you describe you are using now, assign a key stroke
and then pressing that key combination in the future "should" execute the
macro for you.

Sorry, I can not walk you through using the MACRO, but I feel this might be
your best bet.


Barbara Anne 

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Hi All,


Ok, I have a need.  I have to use two and sometimes 3 email accounts.  I
know that if I have to change which email account a message is to be sent
from, I can use the jaws cursor and find the word accounts and click on it.
However, this is a pain (grin).  Is there a way to assign a keystroke to the
accounts button or something so I can easily bring it up?  Thanks in
advance.  Linda


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