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I use OmniPage 17 to perform OCR on online PDF files, and it's extremely easy to use for that purpose.

1. Place focus on the PDF filename in, say, the desktop, or other folder. If I remember correctly, it won't work on an attachment, so you need to move the file to another location.

2. Press the applications key.

3. Arrow down to OmniPage 17. Press enter.

4. Arrow down the list of conversion options, such as to MS Word, RTF, and so on. Press enter on your choice.

5. IN a few moments, a new file will appear in the same folder, or on the desktop if that's where you had the PDF file. This new file will have the same name but an appropriate extension, such as ".doc" for a Word file or ".rtf" for Rich text format.

I have no experience using OmniPage 17 with a scanner. I'm sure other listers will comment.
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Does any one use omnipage with JAWS. I find it very inaccessible. If any one uses it successfully, please give me some help

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