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I have been using Office 2007 for about six months.  Compared to 2003, I
dislike it.  I have installed a program that creates a quick-tool-bar with a
classic menu structure which makes the program more usable (This is a paid
for program).  If you use powerpoint, jaws sucks when doing a presentation
with  powerpoint 2007.  WindowEyes works well with PowerPoint 2007 though.
I had Office pro 2003, but due to the necessity of reading files submitted
in the 2007 docx format I purchased and installed office 2007.  I gave my
2003 program away.  About 2 weeks after giving office 2003 away, I wished I
had given 2007 away and kept the 2003 version as I found a Microsoft
converter that allows one to read 2007 docx files in word 2003.
In short, if you have an earlier version of MS office, probably you will be
better off to stick with it if possible.
Robert McCoy
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HI all,
I am wondering what you all think of Office 2007 with jaws.  i am thinking
of getting it.  Are there features in it that work with jaws that are worth
having?  thanks.  if this is too off topic, feel free to write me privately
at favorite.blend@xxxxxxxxxxx .
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