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I don't know what the below means, but it doesn't sound like the right 
information.  These links are the ones where, if you were sighted and 
touched them with your mouse pointer, they'd generate some text that would 
describe something about the feature they led to.  It's an increasingly 
common feature on many web pages.  Let's say you come upon a link that Jaws 
announces is one of these mouse over links.  Let's say you're on 
So the link itself may be labeled "Gift Certificates."  But when you touch 
it with a mouse pointer, a cluster of text leaps up like the speech balloon 
over a cartoon character's head, if that's a familiar image to at least 
some.  It might say, for instance, Don't know what to buy that special 
person?  An Amazon gift certificate will let them choose.  Sort of like 
that.  I'm sure some of the stuff that pops up is more descriptive and 
elaborate, but that's the general idea.

Now, if you go to the tutorial on the Freedom Scientific site called Surf's 
Up, you can find a lesson for practicing how to actually get Jaws to read 
the material that pops up over one of these links.  it's a little 
complicated, and I gave up after one try at the lesson, realizing there 
isn't much like that that I really need to see.  But for those interested, 
there's where to learn how to actually use these links and see what they do.

But if you don't care about that feature, and just wish Jaws would stop 
speaking those extra words upon coming to such a link, there is a method, 
using something in the Jaws manager menus, possibly something to do with 
verbosity.  I forget.  But anyway, that's sort of what these things really 

Hope that helps.
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hi Anita!

Mouse over, tells you that you can move the mouse pointer in that link.  For 
me, you don't need to turn off that attributes.



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  Hi list,
      When tabbing through links, JFW says "Mouse over", at times. What does 
this mean? Is it practical to disable this option?


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