RE: MS Word and paragraph markers.

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Thanks Chris


I had a colleague assist me and we found that Paragraph Markers  was not
checked, however in the View dialogue the ALL box was checked.



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Go to Tools, Options menu then use shift tab to get to the View tab    and
you should find paragraph marks on there.




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Hi Guy,
What you have on is your show hide. I just looked in my Microsoft Word and
do not see where to turn it off but, I know you can. Maybe do some research
on, show hide.


At 05:58 AM 10/30/2006, you wrote:

Good Morning
I continue to have problems  with MS Word  2003 and JAWS.  I have
unknowingly   swiched on  the Paragraph Marker feature in Word and I have
not found a way to switch it off. JAWS announces  'Paragraph Marker'  every
time I encounter this element i.e. the beginning and end of a paragraph, and
this is proving very frustrating. Furthermore  the Read all function  ceases
at the end of each line. 
I would appreciate  any help over this matter.
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Subject: RE: excel & frame announcement
The adjust Jaws verbosity dialog box has a number of settings that work a
little bit different with an Excel.  The setting to have formulas announced
are not is one of the settings that gets saved within the ".jsi file" I
point this out to remind you that the ".jsi" file gets saved with each
document if you change one of the settings.  So therefore if you open the
same document your settings will be the same way you left them.
I hope this helps.


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Subject: excel & frame announcement
How does one perminantly stop Jawss from saying "has formula?
I know about insert v, but that is only a quick temporary fix.
Though I looked through the excel configuration, it was not present.
Any suggestions?
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