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Hi Valerie,

There has never been a way to change the volume of JAWS while using a software 
synthesizer without changing the volume of other Windows sounds.  Your Daughter 
has a couple of options.  She could use an external speech synthesizer to 
supply the voice for JAWS, as suggested by another list member.  If she can do 
without the notification beep from Sticky Keys, the second option would be to 
turn it off by going to Accessibility Options in the Control Panel, activating 
the Sticky Keys Settings button under the Keyboard Tab and unchecking the 
checkbox for the notification sound.  Of course, without the beep, if she 
presses a modifier key by mistake, she won't know it, but it might save her 

Someone else mentioned a second sound card, but with a laptop, you would have 
to get a sound device that worked from a USB port, and such a device usually 
disables the onboard sound when it is connected.  If you could find one that 
doesn't do this, you could direct JAWS to it and leave the Windows sounds, such 
as the Sticky Keys beep, going through the onboard sound chip.

Gary King

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  Is there a way to change the volume of Jaws, without changing the volume of 
the rest of the computer system? My daughter uses sticky keys, as well as Jaws 

  Sticky keys is a Microsoft accessibility feature, especially for people who 
can only use one hand. Here's an example of how it works: Normally, to type a 
capital letter, you hold down the shift key while you hit the letter you want 
capitalized. If sticky keys is turned on, you can hit the shift key with one 
stroke, and then separately hit the key you want capitalized. The shift key 
"sticks". It also beeps, so that you know you have hit a sticky key.

  The problem we are having with my daughter's new laptop, is that when she 
turns up the volume loud enough to hear Jaws, the beep from sticky keys is way 
too loud. She can't even use the laptop with headphones because the beep really 
hurts the ears.

  We can't seem to find a way to turn up Jaws, without turning up the beep of 
sticky keys.

  Any ideas? Am I correct that Jaws does not have its own volume control?
  Valerie Crockett

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