RE: Jaws and Itunes

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The Solution for me, docking station for the ipod, and a $5 wire from
Wal-mart to connect my Ipod to my home stereo, allowed me to totally get rid
of my 200 cd player which took up A LOT of room. Kind of off topic, but I
like my music too, and sounds better to me from the home stereo or the
docking station than the computer.
Yes, I avoid ITunes because it does have terrible response time with my
computer, and it's not because my computer is lacking in hard drive, memory,
and broadband.
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Subject: Jaws and Itunes
Hello all,
I know the topic of iTunes comes up periodically. I can navigate iTunes with
Jaws pretty well, however, if I try to play anything or do anything very
intensive with iTunes, my computer and especially Jaws becomes very, very
sluggish. I find I am completely unable to play anything while I'm on the
computer, as others do. Maybe it's weird to want to play a song while using
Jaws to get around, but occasionally I would like to be able to do so, the
way sighted people can play their music while working. Does anyone else have
this problem with Jaws becoming progressively more unresponsive with iTunes?
I have found it with JFW 11 and 12, using a windows 7 machine.
Thanks, Bonnie

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