Re: Jaws 7 is A Piggy

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Remove the old jaws then see if jaws 7 is such a piggy.  
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> hi, sorry but this does not sound to me like a jaws issue it sounds to
> me like you are having a conflict  between two or more programs that
> manifests it self a little worse when jaws is running.  
> disable any screen saver or active desktop you may have running.  then
> go threw with ms config and see witch start up item is causing the
> problem.  I am using jaws 7 here with no problems what so ever.  
> jim grimsby
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> Hey there folks I wonder what Freedom Scientific is doing! I have Jaws
> 6.2 and Jaws 7 on my computer. I also have Window Eyes on here. Now Jaws
> 7 has been giving me a headache and was looking around to see if I could
> find out why. Both Window Eyes and Jaws 6.2 show that my CPU Usage is at
> 100%. Now if I have Jaws 7 running my CPU usage is at 84%. Jaws 7 is
> being a piggy and using memory for doing nothing but making the computer
> run slower. The CPU usage should run at 100% or as close to possible at
> that as it can. 
> Does anyone have any idea why it is necessary for Jaws 7 to tie up
> computer usage?  I can't think of one good reason to do that. I have 512
> Dual Data ram and windows XP Home with service pack 2. I also have all
> windows updates.
> The tie up ram causes such things as IE to freeze, windows explorer to
> have to close, plus other strange things to happen.
> Oh by the way I do believe Jaws 7 even thinks it knows when I want to
> check my email! Or at least it thinks it does because the log on screen
> comes up when I am not even at the computer without anything but what is
> at start up running. 
> One other thing I have noticed is that in Jaws 7 the Jaws program starts
> right when windows does rather than like in earlier versions where the
> anti virus and or firewall plus other programs at start up started
> first. 
> JAWS uses the symbol of a shark but maybe that should be changed if it
> is going to be hogging memory. Bet you know what symbol I am thinking
> about!
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