Jaws 11 not reading edit fields or multi-select lists

  • From: "joanne" <houseofmusic3345@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 07:07:15 -0500

A good example that matches my subject line just happened while trying to read 
my edit fields in this email.  It may say "subject" or "edit" so you know where 
to type, but I can't get it to read back by character while in an edit field.  
Another example of what's happened recently is, when in a list where items need 
to be checked, like say in your Jaws verbosity options where you want to change 
items, it may say something like "not selected 1 of 20 checked", but it won't 
read the list so I know what to check or what not to.  In sendspace it does say 
enter the URL but doesn't say edit, and it doesn't mention that the okays on 
different programs are buttons anymore.  I am trying out this Windows 7 and am 
not real crazy about it, but that's all I have right now till my computer is 
fixed.  I know Freedom Scientific hasn't come up with a recommended list of 
Windows 7 settings for Jaws, but I know it has to be something either 
screen-related or video-related, because I also can't route cursors anymore 
because it won't recognize anything on the screen when routing.  Does anyone 
know what I may have to change in display, screen or video that might make Jaws 
read correctly again?


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