Re: JFW 9.0 Crashes

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Goldwave is in fact sound editing software.

Steve Parker
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  What is Goldwave used for?  I ask because I notice the problem start up after 
I've completed a VPN session, so I wonder if the software is similar.  I think 
Goldwave might be sound editing stuff, though.

  I'm going to go log a problem report with Freedom Scientific, now that I know 
I'm not imagining things.

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  When I run goldwave , the computer will randomly start to beep during 
playback etc. A friend had this same problem, and on her machine, after a 
while, jaws would crash and she'd have to lrelaunch jaws again. It's a fresh 
install of jaws9.

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    I have this problem as well.  It's quite peculiar.  It begins like this

    Out of the blue, my PC begins to beep every once in a while.  Aside from 
the beep, there seems to be no other impact on the performance of the computer. 
 The beeps occur every two to three minutes or so.  Sometimes they start up as 
soon as I start JAWS 9, while other times they wait a few hours. 

    If I ignore it, though, eventually JAWS will crash.

    If, on the other hand, I shut down JAWS 9 and start JAWS 8, the beeping 
ceases, and I can leave the computer running for days and JAWS won't crash.

    Has anyone experienced anything like this?


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    Ever since installing JFW9 and the subsequent upgrade, I find that Jaws 
crashes if left idle for a while. I am running XP Pro SP2. I have not had any 
other problems with earlier versions of Jaws and can find nothing on the 
knowledge base?


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