JFW 5.1 annoying situation

  • From: Jeanie Vejil <proud2have-tsedog@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 23:49:33 -0600

Hi all.

>>I have a problem with JFW 5.1.

>>This morning when I loaded it in case I wanted to look up a word in the 
>>Stedman's spell checker that might not be in our modified Word editor, 
>>spell checker provided to me by the company I transcribe for, it wouldn't 
>>allow me to load my external synthecizer.  I ended up having to use JFW 
>>4.02.  I wouldn't have been able to look up anything in the Stedman's 
>>spell checker if I'd needed to since JFW 4.02 won't allow me to read 
>>whatever I write in Word 2002.  This is the main reason why we recently 
>>upgraded to JFW 5.1.
>>JFW 5.1 wouldn't let me into the change synthecizer menu with the alt key 
>>either.  I pressed alt l, and then c for change synths, like I do every 
>>time I want to switch to the external synth, which I prefer for medical 
>>transcription. I even use it in e-mail so I can plug my headset right 
>>into the DEC-Talk Express.

I also couldn't get into the change synthesizer menu using the alt key and 
arrowing over to language because when I would down arrow once JFW 5.1 
would say menu and that was all.  I could get to the change synthesizer 
option, but it was just by luck as JFW didn't speak.

I also had trouble using windows explorer to get to the directory I work 
from as I couldn't access anything that way either.

I ended up unloading JFW 5.1 and using 4.02 and just hoped I wouldn't need 
to get into Word 2002 for any reason.

>>I don't know what is going on, but I'm not very happy about it.  You 
>>spend all of this money on something that's supposed to help you more 
>>with accesibility, and all you get is a headache and frustration. Anyone 
>>have any ideas concerning what's going on?  Help please if you can!

Jeanie Vejil  

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