JFW 11 No Longer Reading My Yahoo Web Mail

  • From: "Brian Hansen" <bc.hansen23@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2009 22:49:18 -0600

I logged on last night to check for and read some waiting email I had in my
Yahoo Inbox, and all-the sudden, JFW 11 started to report the landmark
count, but 0 links.  If I used the JAWS cursor, I was able to read the
screen, but not with the virtual cursor.  From this point on, I was no
longer able to read anything using the virtual cursor no matter what web
site I went to.  If I closed IE8 using ALT-F4 it would disappear off of the
screen, but I'd have to use the Task Manager to end the process.  After
that, JFW 11 would once again start reading fine until I'd return back to my
Yahoo Web Mail screen.  It's not even consistent.  There are times I can't
get past the opening Yahoo Mail screen, and then there are other times I can
get to the point of actually reading my waiting email.  Everything worked
just fine last week when I logged in, but this week things are definitely
not wanting to cooperate.  Even disabling automatic screen updating so that
Yahoo's Classic Web Email will work better with speech doesn't seem to help.
 The only difference between last week and this is that I tried installed
YPOPS, and I wasn't real impressed with it, so I uninstalled it the next
day.  Could this have damaged something, or has Yahoo made any changes
within the last week?  I also tried things with Firefox, and found the same
issues, so it's not just with IE8.
I've downloaded the latest release of JFW11, and I'm still having the same
issues.  This one has me completely stumped, so any ideas would be greatly
I'm running XP SP-3 Home, IE8, the latest version of Firefox, The latest
version of JFW and I've got all of my Microsoft updates in place.

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