JAWS still saying Star

  • From: "Andy Logue" <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 19:48:46 -0000

Hi all.

A few days ago I wrote seeking advice about a problem I was having with my
version of JAWS, which is 4.2.  Everything works as expected until I open a
new message in Outlook Express and tab down to the main body of the message.
Instead of JAWS key echoing every keystroke, it is saying the word "star" on
everything I type.

I have contacted Sight and Sound and have sent them a cheque to the value of
£300, to upgrade from 4.02 to version 6, but I'm not convinced that this
will resolve my problem.

I am using xp home edition and I have my display settings set to high
contrast number 2.  - I have some limited peripheral vision and the high
contrast number 2 has worked well in the past.

While arrowing through my messages in Outlook Express, JAWS announces all
the messages as you'd expect.  However, when I press the Enter Key on a
message to read it, JAWS announces "Forms Mode Off" just before going into
the main section of the message.  JAWS will continue to read the message as
normal, but If I wish to sent a reply to that message or send a new message,
JAWS simply key echoes the word Star on every keystroke.

I'm convinced that the cause of this problem lies within my display settings
as I've tried JAWS 4.5 and experienced the same difficulty.

The only other difference between this and my old computer is that this new
one has a flat screen.

Any advice would be very welcomed.

Thanks in advance.


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