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Yes, this is also true.  IE becomes less of a memory hog this way.


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I would also assume it takes a lot less memory for the tabbed approach as
well since you don't have to have multiple instances of IE running for each

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The real advantage is that all those windows we've just opened, Amazon,
Bookshare, JFWlite, Freedom Scientific, etc., are all in one window.  If you
were to Alt-Tab away from IE, you'd find that there was only one IE window.

For instance, if you had Outlook Express open, and Winamp, you'd press
Alt-Tab, and step to winamp, then Outlook Express, then back to IE.  IE
would only appear once on the toolbar, whether you have one tab open or


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Hi, Lora.
Thanks for such specific instructions.  I'm curious.  I've always used
control-n to open a new window while in IE, and the technique has worked
nicely.  It has enabled me to switch between IE windows using alt-tab and
alt-control-tab.  I wonder what the advantages in this new procedure might

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Hi Rose,
OK, open Internet Explorer.
Choose your first page in whatever way you want.  If you wish, for
simplicity's sake, use Control+O to bring up a dialog box, and enter  Press enter.  This should load the FS web page.
Browse through that page to make certain you're comfortable with it.  
Now, let's say you want to open another page.  Press Control+T.  This starts
a new tab.  
Type in  Press enter.  Now you'll be placed in the
Bookshare page.  Browse around it a bit.
Now you want to return to the Freedom Scientific page.  Press Control+Tab.
Now you're back on the Freedom Scientific page.  JAWS will tell you this,
but if you're ever uncertain what page you're on, press Insert+T to read the
But you can have more tabs open.  Do the following:
Press Control+T again.  Enter and press enter.  Now the
Amazon page loads.
Press control+T again.  Type  Press enter.  Now that page
loads.  Each of these pages is in its own tab.  Think of them as tabs in a
notebook.  Control+Tab will let you move forward through the tabs.
Control+Shift+Tab will move you backward through the tabs.
Control+Shift+Q will bring up a list of all your open tabs.  Arrow down
through the list to see what sites you have open.  When you find the page
you want, you can just press enter to bring up that page.
If you ever want to close a tab, but not all of your tabs, just press
Control+W or Control+F4 while on the page you want to close.
To close Internet Explorer, and all tabs you have open, press Alt+F4.
Internet Explorer will ask if you want to close all tabs.  Just press enter
to say Yes.
I hope this helps.


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I have listened to the what's new recordings, taken off the Jaws
Headquarters page.  I have tried to set up a couple pages as tabs in IE 7
with Jaws 8 but I just cannot seem to get how it is set up.  Any concise
instructions would be appreciated.  

Rose Combs


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