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  • Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 11:27:25 -0800

hi any one using the scripts with this program please report how well it
works with the new version.
I will update this after newn and check the scripts my self.
thanks for the update information.
I will update the scripts accordingly.

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hi:    new version of goldwave out.
it is now 5.16.
lots of improvements.
howard wolcott

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first off why are you using version 4.
you should be using version 5.14 unless you are running windows 9x or not.
now once you have the right version installed go back to the jfwlite site
and get the jaws scripts for gold wave version 5.14 
the author of these scripts provides full keyboard access to gold wave and
does a good job at documenting said keys.
so do as you are prompted press jaws key + h and you will be presented with
a complete list of commands some offered by gold wave others offered by the
every command is defined also so if you use a Braille display you may define
gold wave commands to your display.  
hope that helps. 

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I know some of you are really good with Goldwave and might be able to help
me with some of the basic JFW commands. I downloaded version 4 from the
defunked JFW lite site and installed the scripts. Does anyone know the
commands for functions like play, rewind, and fast forward and if you split
a file, does anyone know how to save the split as a new file?

Take care,


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