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Nick, I'm not going to go view your email legal notice.  The subject,stop watch 
that works with Jaws, that should tell you right there that it has some thing 
to do with Jaws.  culmerandy@xxxxxxxxxxx 
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Andy, it depends what you  want to use the stop watch for. I can give you a 
solution, but then it have to be something you are not doing on the computer.

Jaws has a function called delay. A function is either an event that triggers 
if  things in windows happens or it's a building block of  a script.

A script is  a feature of jaws which you activate by pressing a keystroke.

I have tried this, it works if you want to time yourself on something you are 
not doing on the computer.

Say for instance you want to time yourself on typing then it won't work. I 
tested it, it doesn't work.

But you can use the delay function as a stop watch if  what you  want to be 
timed on is not something you do on the computer.

Here is how it works:

I'll explain it right from the beginning in case you don't know the script 
manager. If you do just as I  instruct you, you won't mess up jaws,  don't 

Press insert+f2 and press s for script manager and press enter.

Now press control+shift+d to open the default script file. That means you can 
use the stop watch script on your computer regardless of which program you are 

Now press control+end to go to the bottom of the script file.

Now press control+e.

Type a name for the script such as  MyStopwatchScript.

Tab once and press spacebar to select the checkbox.

If you want  to write documentation for your script such as synopsis and 
description the following 2 fields is used for this but its optional. Press tab 
and type a synopsis, press tab and type a description.

If you want to choose a category for your script press tab and either choose a 
category in the combo edit box or type in your own one. It salso optional; its 
also documentation. Its just  classifying your script. Now press tab. If you 
are on the checkbox and you don't want to fill in all this, press alt+a. Now 
press the keystroke you want to use for the script. After pressing the desired 
keystroke, hit enter.

Now make sure you are on the blank line beneath the line: Script MyStopWatch.

Now your first line of code will  instruct jaws to tell you that the stop watch 
is starting.

So press control+i.

Now tab  once and you should be in a list of functions.

Now use first letter  navigation to find the function called: say string.

Hit enter; type a phrase in quotation marks that you want jaws to say when you 
press the script's keystroke.

A phrase such as

"10 minutes starting"

Press enter.

Press enter again to make a blank line.

Now for the second line of code. 

This is where you tell jaws how long the stop watch must work; how long you 
want to be timed.

Press control+I again.

Tab once and you should be in a list of functions.

Now use first letter  navigation to find the function called delay.

Press enter.  Now you must decide how long you want the stop watch to time you.

Here you have to do a bit of maths.  You have to enter the amount of 
milliseconds for the  delay function to use. For instance if you want to time 
yourself for 10 minutes you have to work out how many seconds is in 10 minutes, 
once you have that figure just add  another 0 to the figure and put it in here 
because there is 10 milliseconds in 1 second.

Now  press enter. Press the number 0 on your extended number row and press 

Press enter again to make a blank line.

Now the last line of code tells jaws to announce that the set time is up.

Control+I again and find the say string function again.

Enter the phrase "time is up" in quotes and hit enter.

Now  press control+s to save and compile the script.

You should hear:  compile complete.

If you get a compile error, let me know and we can take it from there.

Now exit the script manager with alt+f4.

Now whenever you are ready to time yourself, just hit the keystroke you  
entered when you  created the script.

Its working accurately. You will hear jaws saying: time starts and you will 
have 10 minutes of silence and you can do whatever you want to time yourself on.

During that 10 minutes I strongly recommend not to  press any keys on your 
keyboard as this might interrupt the script.

Only when you hear jaws say: time is up, the script terminates and you can then 
use your computer again.



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Is there a stop watch that will work with jaws?  I went to stop watch downloads 
and there were some there.  I tried downloading Some, but they wood not work 
with jaws.  Does any one no of one that will? 

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