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  • Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 16:30:36 -0700

for some reason on my laptop running jaws10 when I go to a web page or open 
email the virtual cursor is off. I can turn it back on but as soon as I go to 
another page it goes off again.
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  I have also noticed this problem ever since updating to AVG 9. JAWS loses 
focus every 30 minutes. Another problem caused by AVG 9, is that if you are 
using a dial-up connection to the web, the modem does not disconnect when you 
exit Internet Explorer or Outlook Express. This bug first showed up in an 
earlier version of AVG, but was fixed by an update. Now it's back like a bad 

  These bugs in AVG 9 are making me consider switching to another anti-virus 
program. It's a bummer, because AVG is highly rated; it's certainly got more 
capability than MS Security Essentials.
  Dave wrote:
  Hi All,  I installed the free version of AVG 9.0 a couple days ago.  Since 
then, with JAWS 11, XP Home & Outlook Express, the system regularly loses focus
  while I am reading or composing e mail messages.
  Is there some AVG setting that might correct this?  I don't believe in 
coincidence and this annoying problem only surfaced after this AVG install.

  Thanks for help as always, Mitch

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