RE: Displaying The Cell Address In Excel

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  • Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 09:28:16 +0200

Hi Alex

I prefer line mode so that I can see more than one cell on the display at any 
point in time.  This helps if one wants to compare figures in two or more 
columns.  It reduces the number of keystrokes.

I also find that line mode is more real i.e. it gives me a clearer idea of 
layout in other programmes.

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Alex Midence
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Subject: RE: Displaying The Cell Address In Excel

I've never had that problem.  I use structured mode though.  Any reason you're 
using line mode?


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Subject: Displaying The Cell Address In Excel

Dear JAWS Users

I am currently using JAWS 9.0.2169 on a desktop PC running Windows XP.  I use 
an Alva Satellite 544 braille display.

I find that in Microsoft Excel 2007, JAWS does not display the cell address in 
the formula bar located at the top left corner of the screen, just below the 
menu bar.  This is when I am in line mode.  So, when I scroll to the formula 
bar using the Braille Up key, or my shortcut key, all I see on the Braille 
display is the contents of the cell, but not the cell address.

Sighted colleagues have confirmed that they can see the cell address on the 

We've tried adjusting the size of the formula bar, but to no avail.

I also tried reloading JAWS and using it without any of my configurations. But 
this too did not work.

Another issue in Excel which may or may not be related to the one described 
above is that if I type in a letter or number more than once in a cell, it only 
displays as a single character on the Braille display.  For example, if I press 
"200", it displays as "20".  However, when I hit enter to submit my entry, it 
displays correctly on the braile display.  So, it is only duringthe edit that 
the problem exists.

Does anyone have suggestions on how I can solve these problems?

I will be very grateful as I use Excel quite extensively in my work and these 
things are very annoying.

Elash Mistry


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