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This is useful information, and I thought about suggesting something along these lines to Kerry, but I had the impression he was asking how to restore the default for a single entry. I don't think that can be done, or can it? Perhaps the original entry can be found through shared settings? I mean that as a question.
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Hello Kerry.

To revert back to the factory default dictionary file open the start menu, programs, the Jaws group you are interested in changing, explore jaws, explore my settings. This will open your personal settings folder where you can look for default.JDF. Once you have this file highlighted you can delete the file. Jaws for Windows will no longer see this file in your personal settings folder so it will use the copy from within the shared settings folder. All of this assumes that you were smart and did not overwrite the copy that was in the shared settings directory. By default the dictionary manager will first check and see if there is a file in the personal settings folder and if there is not a file in the personal settings folder it will read from the file from the shared settings folder. Once the changes are made it will write the modified file to your personal settings folder.

I hope this helps.


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Hi All, I was wondering if there is a way to restore the original dictionary manager settings. I changed something and now want to change it back and can't remember what the original entry was. Thanks for any help. Kari

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