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Gotcha, but that wasn't exactly what was puzzling me.  I'm referring to
the eloquence languages-Latin American-Castilian Spanish,
Parisian-Canadian French, German, Etc.  As I said, that's probably the
least useful option in the whole package, as no one is likely to ever
want to read English text that way, but I can't help but wonder why it's
a "now you see it, now u don't" proposition.  It seems to pop up when
you make some other profile change, then disappear again.




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For those who have multiple languages of Jaws (for instance the
installer for Jaws in Spanish also installs Jaws in English) this option
has which Jaws language one wants. By Jaws language I mean that Jaws
speaks its menus and configuration dialogues in the language, the whole
program is in the desired language. for instance in my Spanish Jaws
Insert+f2 says Executar asistente de Jaws whereas in your English one I
don't know how it'll say.


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You mean on the language menu? That's simple. I have no idea.
jajajajajaja! Whe it comes to languages I always change the sinthesisor.


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Subject: Changing JAWS language


Has anyone noticed the quirky behavior of this particular feature in 11
and 12?  Granted, it's about the least important feature in the entire
JAWS lexicon, as long as the dictionaries and language detection feature
work as they should. But the language option in voices is grayed out
most of the time. Anyone know what governs this?




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