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am i being moderated for some reason? This posted quickly, but a message I 
sent hours ago never posted at all. Just curious.
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I just thought I would post this because, even though at least one lister
also posted the relevant information earlier, other people continued to
offer varying opinions, like "the copy Web page option toggle is permanent
but all the rest of the changes you make are still temporary, and so forth.
I don't know why no one seems to have accepted the official declaration from
FS. But here is the bulleted line again, from the URL pasted beneath it.
Hope this helps. I really regret that, even though I read that list a week
or two ago, I'd forgotten this announcement and asking on the list
unfortunately served only to inspire a fruitless discussion of which items
on that menu were permanent and which weren't, all in contradiction to what
FS says. So if you change some setting while on a Web page, but it reverts
to what it was before if you leave the page and return to it, then I think
that's worth a note or call to FS development or tech support.

Here's the bulleted item from the What's New list:

. JAWS now saves all changes made to options using the Adjust JAWS Options
dialog box.

and here's the URL where that What's New list and other explanations are to
be found. Sorry if you're using Jaws 9 and when Glenn announces the begniing
and end of the link he sounds as if he's experiencing gastric distress. This
feature really has to go. Everybody write in and complain about it,

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