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I read an article in Smart Computeing a while back and it did not speak
highly of Vista! In fact I was amazed that MS would complicate everyones
lives with all the fancy edancy twistsw and turns of net media and so
called excelence but not for my wallet nor for my time in trying to make
it all happen with a new system, a new wave of headaches and more. Sorry,
but I'm not into hipe and complications, yet!

On Thu, 01 Feb 2007 10:22:33 -0600 "Cher Bosch" <Cher.Bosch@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Those broadcasts are very helpful.  It sure sounds like all those who
love to rip and burn will find VISTA quite unfriendly.  Even though I'm
not technically trained, I could follow a great deal of the discussion. 
Thanks for sending the links.


>>> Keith Bucher <kbucher@xxxxxxxxxx> 01/31/07 9:22 PM >>>

    Before upgrading to Vista, check out the following links.
Go to
and begin by listening to the following two episodes:
Episode #74 11 Jan 2007
Episode #75 18 Jan 2007

    And go to:
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