RE: A Baffling Question

  • From: "Dale E. Heltzer" <deheltzer@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2008 10:45:52 -0600

Below is a conversation I had on the PCWorks mailserv. When I removed
the protocol 

Microsoft TCP / IP Version 6

from my LAN connection, my problem went away.

I don't know for sure whether this solution wil work in your case - I
didn't compare wireless with wired connection.


Yes, that is the protocol that should be removed.

It does cause flakiness in certain browsers and systems.

Peter Kaulback

Dale E. Heltzer wrote:
> Do you mean in the Properties for my Local Area Network, one of the 
> entries is Microsoft TCP / IP Version 6
> ??
> Is *that what I should remove?
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> Dale, is IPV6 installed on this system? In "Networking" for your 
> connection is there an entry for IPV6? If it is there then uninstall
> It is not needed for most purposes and if you need it in the future 
> then you can install it again. Likely you won't though.
> Peter Kaulback
> Dale E. Heltzer wrote:
>> When I try to use Msie (V7) I frequently (but not *always) get a 
>> message at the bottom of the screen "connecting to site" 
>> after
>> which I get the message that Internet Explorer "cannot display the 
>> web
> page."
>> I am using XP Pro, ZoneAlarm Pro, Norton AV 2006 I have Windows 
>> firewall turned off.
>> Any suggestions?
>> TIA
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