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Here are the answers you were seeking:

Answer 1:
Currently we have no media for JAWS 12 as it has only just been released.  
However, if you purchased a brand new JAWS (not an upgrade) today from Sight 
and Sound you would receive a JAWS 11 however your would be entitled to JAWS 
12.0 however media for that will be not available until early November, we will 
have version 12 DVDs to ship to those customers how land in this category.  You 
can also download JAWS 12 and authorise it with your JAWS 11 pack when you get 

Answer 2:
The question you need to answer here is this, what operating system you are 
going to be using.  If you are going to be a domestic user and buying an off 
the shelf PC then you probably can purchase a JAWS standard and that will be 
perfectly adequate.  This means any PC with Windows 7 Home Preumium or Basic 
edition.  If you need to use JAWS in a corporate, Government or Educational 
institution where professional Windows operating systems are used you will need 
a JAWS professional license.  One little gotcha to avoid is that if you plan to 
downgrade a Windows 7 machine back to XP in the vast majority of cases the 
manufacturer will give you XP Pro rather than XP Home and therefore you would 
need a JAWS professional (the same is true for Windows XP Media Centre).

Answer 3:
An SMA can be brought at the time or purchase or later on.  However, if you opt 
for the latter option it will cost you more.

Answer 4:
The JAWS pricing is tiered and pricing for purchase, upgrades and SMAs depend 
on whether you are using JAWS professional or JAWS standard.  The latter strand 
is cheaper.  If you are a domestic user and have a Windows "Home Premium" or 
"Basic" product you have no need to buy JAWS Professional and therefore save on 
the costs.

Answer 5:
The SMA only covers you for the next two upgrades from your current latest 
version of JAWS.  You cannot use it to retrospectively upgrade your JAWS or 
assign it to a later release.  If you purchase JAWS today your SMA would cover 
you only for the next two releases beyond the current JAWS 12.  Once your SMA 
entitlement runs out you can then purchase another SMA without purchasing an 
upgrade and keep them rolling forward that way.  If you miss a JAWS version and 
let the SMA lapse you will have to pay an upgrade price to upgrade to the 
current JAWS and optionally purchase an SMA to take you forward from there.

Any questions please give us a shout.


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Subject: [jaws-uk] a few questions about buying jaws 12

Hello everyone, Daniel hear. I hope everyone's having a nice day in the UK 
Ok like my subject says I have a few questions about Jaws, so hear it goes!

1. Since jaws 12 have just recently been release my 1st question is that when 
do Sight and Sound technolagy in the UK usually reseave and start selling the 
latest versions of Jaws to customers?

2. I am in a dilemma hear because I don't know which licence of Jaws to purches 
that being Standard or Professional. Obviously its a price difference and since 
I have a understanding of how it works now since posting about this a few 
months ago this question might not be relevant but it leads to my next question 
which I would like to know the answer to.

3. In jaws I believe that when you buy jaws you can also get SMA's my question 
is that if I was tto buy Jaws 12 would I need to buy an SMA as well or can that 
be brought at a later date.

4. ON the Subject of SMA's will they be the same price for an upgrade depending 
on which licence I have gone for in the end, or is one more costly than the 

5. If I was to miss a couple of SMA's because I believe that you get two when 
you get one for a version and that in turn covers the next two versions of 
Jaws. Would I need to use thoughs versions which would be slightly out of date 
or could I just go ahead and when I got the new SMA justbe able to use the 
latest and greatest! So to explain this basicly If I was going to buy jaws 12 
next week for example, and I didn't want to go ahead and buy an SMA and when 
that SMA ran out the person would be up to Jaws 14 say I miss another year and 
then decided right I want to buy Jaws 15 would I then need to buy an SMA for my 
Jaws 12 which would go up to Jaws 14 and then need to buy again. Or just simply 
Right you want to buy an SMA and you can use Jaws 15.
I know that sounds sort of strange to explain but I am just cureious on how the 
SMA's work.

That's all the questions I can think of for now but if I think of any more I 
will post them when I think of them.
Hope to hear from you all soon.
Many Thanks

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