[jaws-uk] Re: The "move Button" on BT Yahoo Internet and The Main Yahoo Mail We

  • From: Andrew Summers <asummers14@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jaws-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 13:07:42 +0100 (BST)

Hi Timothy,
What to do is find the move button on the web page and
press enter on it.
Now that you have done that root JAWS to PC and with
ctrl and rite arrow key or  ctrl left arrow key until
you here JAWS say inbox or what folder you want.
Now press num pad slash and see what happens.

Andrew Summers

--- Timothy D Bamber <tdbamber@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello Listers,
>   This may be a long shot!  but here goes!  <smile> 
> I am a reasonably experienced JAWS user and 
> all-round PC user too, and yet one thing has stumped
> me for the last year or so, since Yahoo re-designed
> their mail page!  which was, about the same time as
> they joined forces with BT, when they re-designed
> BT's to be like the standard Yahoo mail, and as such
> the problem is on both!  Since then in both the
> 'move button has been in my experience inaccessible
> and so I wonder, if it has been just me.  I can
> activate it with the enter key but then the options
> of my folders, come up, now in my case, I have a
> little residual vision so, awkwardly perhaps I can
> get by with the mouse if I get stuck, but I do tend
> to rely on JAWS and to the best of my JAWS and
> computer knowledge, the menu does not come up in a
> recognisable and standard way that can be read by a
> screen reader such as JAWS.  I should point out a
> few things also:
>   1.  It has on very sporadic occasions, worked,
> which I cannot explain, the last time was months ago
>   2.    I use nowadays JAWS 6.2 and it still doesn't
> work!
>   3.  I did about a year ago, contact technical
> support about this at BT Yahoo Internet, and told
> them it effected Yahoo as well (as I have an e-mail
> addresses with the ordinary yahoo as well), as well
> as confirming what the access problem was! and they
> seemed at first, determined to sort out the problem!
>  and said they would get back to me!  
>   This is all particularly strange I think, as most
> of Yahoo's options since again, about this time,
> have been given special keyboard shortcuts and  yet
> this "move button" which is where you can move an
> e-mail into another folder, has become less
> accessible than before, in fact I feel it has become
>  completely inaccessible from the keyboard it would
> seem to me 100 per cent!  What a contrast don't you
> think!<grin>  
>   Now, although, I can just about get around by
> using the mouse, it is very slow.  And, I don't tend
> to ask a sighted person, as I would have to ask them
> a lot of times in a year!  <smile>  So, has anybody
> got any experiences of this problem!  Of course, I
> am particularly interest if anyone has, who has an
> e-mail account either at the  standard Yahoo or on
> BTInternet/BTOpenworld, as this is where the problem
> lies!<smile> 
>   I should also note, in case it is not clear this
> is on the BT Yahoo and Yahoo (stadard) mil pages on
> the web, not anything to do with 
>   Now I was away from home for some months of this
> year and overlapping the end of last year, but as 
> far as I can tell, after that initial phone call
> from BT Yahoo, saying that they would look into it,
> I have heard nothing.  So, I thought, I would
> finally ask other blind or visually impaired
> computer users, and particularly those using JAWS,
> if they have had a similar problem, if they have
> solved it  and if so how!  
>   Apologies if this has been asked before!Out of
> curiosity I was subscribed to the JAWS-UK list on
> yahoo on one of my E-mail accounts previously, has
> this list replaced it and when exactly when?
>   I would be most appreciate any ideas to enlighten
> this issue regarding BT Yahoo Internet's and  the
> main Yahoo's "Move Button",, as I have never got to
> the bottom of this!...
>   Kind Regards,
>   Timothy Bamber,
>   E-mail:    TDBamber@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>   Or e-mail me, off list at:
>   Bimme.Byrcg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>   PS,  before anybody wonders, that's my surname
> in12th century Middle English

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