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  • Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2007 22:18:59 +0100


Not sure where you got this from, I sent this message out a few months ago and 
the problem was corrected around the middle of June, so Skype works pretty well 
these days.


Pete H.

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  Pete, According to Doug, this is a problem with Skype and not his scripts.  
He's trying to work with the good people of Skype to get it sorted, but I'm not 
sure they're being terribly helpful.





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  Hi folks,


  Today I installed the very latest version of Skype along with Doug Lee's 
scripts, but I came across a few problems - for instance, in options it would 
not display the list which contains the names of the tab elements, such as 
notifications, privacy, advanced etc, it just kept saying button. Also when 
attempting to transfer some files to a friend, it would not read the list while 
browsing for the files, so eventually I uninstalled the scripts and the browse 
list read properly again, but the list in options still didn't read, so if you 
need to access this on a regular basis I would say don't use the scripts until 
Doug has made further revisions.




  Pete H.




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