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Hi Ken

There's a search box near the top of your home page which allows you to
search for friends.  So far it's only worked for me if I put their email
address in the search field but I think the theory is you can search by name
as well.  

FB continually changes it's lay-out and way of doing things but, this very
day, seems to be having a friendly moment.  Today I'm finding that when I go
to someone's home page and scroll down by paragraph I easily reach the "add
as friend" button.  When I enter on that it's putting me directly onto the
"send friend request" button.  IF this is happening all over FB then jum on
it before they change it again.  Sometimes the send request button is
nowhere to be jawsed.

I don't yet know the answers to your questions about messaging, so am hoping
others will educate us.  It is slowly growing on me though; am now in touch
with some people I haven't seen for years and am looking forward to using it
to promote my work, as and when.

Anyway, hope this helped a little.




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Morning all,


Thanks for all the responses yesterday.


I think the clue was in the fact that I didn't even manage to spell "idiot"
properly.  I really am one!


I'm not a whole heap further forward on the "why" question.  Do Facebook
have sales tools that say what the benefits of their system are?


I hear the comments on Facebook Mobile, that will simplify the screen but
doesn't turn the language in to English.  What is a "wall", what is it for?
How do I send a 1:1 message, or a broadcast to all my friends, and how do I
make sure it doesn't go to the whole world?  How do I join in chats with
strangers on topics that interest me?  Or maybe that should read can I join
in discussions with strangers?


Like I say, idiot is being too kind to myself.


Barry, I'm afraid I was lost by about the second line of your answer.  But
let's start by asking what Aim is, and what is it for?


Frank, yes, my physical prowess exceeds my intellectual at this stage,
though that does not say a lot.  I'm off to London at the weekend.  It would
be great to contact others affected by  RP.  How do I do that?  The only
group I'm in sent me an invite, so joining was easy.  My 2 friends also sent
me invites, I haven't managed to invite any friends to join me.  Tried once,
didn't manage it.  Any help there?  How do I know if my friends (real ones)
have Facebook accounts to link up with?


OK, enough questions for now.  Like I say, an idiott's guide would be a
great help.  They have been written for many other applications, is there
really nothing for Facebook, or social networking in general?  Maybe it's an
age thing, if you are the right age for Facebook, you are the wrong age for
idiot's guides!


Sorry for the long post.  I am willing, but struggling.




I am blind, and running the Virgin London Marathon 2010 in aid of RP -
Fighting Blindness.  Please visit my Just Giving page at
Thanks very much for your support.    



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