[jaws-uk] Another authorisation key for Jaws.

  • From: "Michael Brown" <michael.brown222@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Jaws User Group." <Jaws-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 19:57:53 +0100

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone help please. I have X P Home and currently have Jaws version 4.5.1. 
I have just bought a new computer and have re installed Jaws that is the demo, 
and tried to transfer an authorisation key from the floppy disc which I got 
when I originally bought Jaws version 3.5 with subsequent upgrades with SMA to 
4.5.1, after two computer crashes and upgrade from Windows 98, then to M E, and 
now to X P Home.

What I am saying is that Jaws is saying that I have run out of authorisation 
keys. So what I am asking is? Can I get another authorisation key? and if so 
from Where? and if so, would I have to purchase it?

If this is not possible, would I have to purchase the forthcoming Jaws 7 
version, and if so, How much is it? and how much is the SMA as well?

Any help would be appreciated.


Michael Brown. 

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