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  • Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2010 11:50:40 +0100

On 18 Sep, Alan Wrigley wrote in message

> My Iyonix has just suffered its third PSU failure in a matter of months so
> enough is enough - no more of these AOpen things from now on. I've got it
> working again by temporarily sitting an ATX PSU on top of the case, which
> has given me the confidence to transplant the whole Iyo into a spare ATX
> case. I just want to check the required PSU rating - I have a spare 250W
> one which I think should be enough - is that correct?

This is tricky to answer, because the Iyo seems to require a PSU with a spec
better than that allowed for by the ATX spec.  As such, it's really a case
of "suck it and see": I've had "high quality"[1] PSUs fail to work (while
being fine in a standard PC), while more "standard"[1] units have been OK. 
When I looked at the outputs on test equipment, there was nothing obvious
between the two PSUs in question.

If you have a spare PSU, then try fitting it and see if it works.  If it
does, then box it all up and cross your fingers...  250W should be plenty.

1. Based on looking at their innards, as someone who once designed ATX PSUs.

Steve Fryatt - Leeds, England

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