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Hi Mark,
this is normal behaviour. ISA is a firewall and not a workstation ;-)
If you need access from ISA to external you need to define packet filters
for the protocol/ports you want to access. The only exception is for web
browsing. You can make the browser on ISA a web proxy client. Define in your
browser the internal interface of ISA as proxy server.
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Hi, I have an ISA Server configured to use a dial-up Account to the
Internet, I have Packets Filters and IP Routing Enabled, When I try to
access the internet from the ISA Itself it just times out but everything
works fine from the client PC's - I have enabled the DHCP Packet filter as
described on
When I check the packet filter logs the Source IP appears as the public IP
address instead of the private address of the server and it blocks the
request - Is this correct??
Mark Barton
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