RE: Internet Access behind SBS

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  • Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 11:29:10 -0500

Have you made sure the users you created were in the BackOffice Internet Users 
group and also on the workstations have you set their proxy settings to the 
internal ip address of that SBS server with the port set as either 8080 or 80 
depending on how you set it up. Try that and see if it helps.
Koie Smith
Nex-Tek, Inc.
Technical Support Team

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Subject: Internet Access behind SBS

We have an SBS 2000 server with ISA and two network cards, one public and one 
We followed the default wizards when setting up the server but for some reason 
we are not able to gain access to the internet from our private network.
We are able to send and receive email with out a problem.... and from the SBS 
server we are able to access the internet.
We've looked at the IP filters within ISA and there appears to be the 
appropriate filters allowing HTTP out and in access there is a policy allowing 
all outbound access.....
Any suggestions?

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