Re: ISA Server cannot browse the Internet

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  • Date: Sat, 07 Sep 2002 04:22:55 +0000

create two application filters one for HTTP and other for HTTPS in order to work on isa ,apply intrusion detection checks.

From: "Asif Khan" <asiftajammul@xxxxxxxxx>
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To: "[ Discussion List]" <isalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [isalist] ISA Server cannot browse the Internet
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 19:17:57 -0600

Dear Friends,

     I need a solution of this problem.

     I have a Windows 2000 Server (working as Standalone Server) & 10
windows 98 based workstations & I'm working in a Workgroup model.

     I had installed ISA Server with Windows 2000 SP1 in the "Integrated
mode".But the problem was that all the workstations were accessing the
Internet, all the chat softwares were running on the workstations.But ISA
Server itself was "not" browsing the Internet.

     Then I installed ISA Server in "Cache mode".The ISA Server and the
workstations start browsing the Internet.But "MIRC" was not working on any

     Plz give any solution As Soon As possible.


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