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Should the firewall client automatically "disable" itself when the ISA
server is not available - e.g. when the machine is disconnected from the
network? Or do you have to manually disable it every time you take your
laptop home?
Thanks in advance

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Hi all,
    I'm new to ISA Server, but think I have most of it under control.  I
have a user who is using a product called Timeslips.  Her laptop here
(NAT'd address space) makes a connection to a server on the internet at
port 4000, and syncs up some user time information.  I have all outbound
access allowed under Site and Content as well as Protocol Rules.  Packet
filtering is enabled (as well as IP routing), and have any communication
allowed between any local port and remote port 4000 at a specific IP
     Whether I have Packet Filtering enabled or not, it just doesn't
work.  I think I've tried every combination of things to get these two
talking.  Any thoughts?  
    Some other information:  I can't get incoming SMTP packets to reach
an internal Exchange 5.5 server as well.  I can bring up a netstat -am
and see port 25 waiting, but if I telnet at port 25 to that port, I
never receive any response from the exchange server.  Anyway, not sure
if those are related, but thought I would throw it in there.
- Eric Carlson
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