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Hi Jim

Perhaps I can add some thing 

We are working with ISA for quiet some time we use the VPN and
combination of Exchange SQL Olaps ect ect but what I do now is making
worldwide some servers available to our Field worker,

The can call home ore get mail on places where you can't get any thing
done, they say we can,
We can browse and all that and more and we love it, for me ISA is a gift
due to the fact that our Mickey has given us some real good tools all
who are in the field and have to work with just 56 k ore 28 k connection
isa is able to cache in for you and provide you a very good connection.

And for this we can say we have done it and are doing it and love it, so

Jim have a nice day 

And to all go to 

Kind Regards 


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The "" in the c-IP field shows that your HTTP redirector did
its job and redirected a secureNAT or firewall request to the web proxy,
but it comes in (as expected) without credentials (anonymous). You said
that you've restricted web access to specific users.  When you use the
HTTP redirector, you lose all identity. That's why it fails.

Jim Harrison
MCP(NT4, W2K), A+, Network+, PCG
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